Ways to Get Involved in CLP

CLP is a young, budding international organization with space for you in the Inland Empire, CA; Bangalore, Karnataka, India and Pondicherry, India. While volunteers are welcomed year-around, we also have formal and more structured opportunities for internships in the USA and India and board membership. Community members who are interested in being connected to CLP's efforts and serve as resource people and supporters can also serve in many ways. CLP events are always advertised to the "Global CLP Network" and you are welcome to attend, participate and help us improve all of our work. For more information about various positions and roles within CLP, please review the information below.

CLP Internships (2011-2012 Applications Now Open)

Each year, CLP offers 4-6 college and young adults in the Inland Empire, California the opportunity for a year-long internship. The CLP Internship is a year-long experience that allows young adults, including university, college and high schoolstudents to “dig in,” lead and participate in CLP programs in ways that allow them to…

(1) do community-based research and development on issues and projects they design within CLP programming

(2) receive academic or internship credit at their college or university (if applicable)

(3) get hands-on, transferable skills in a young international, grassroots community organization

(4) have postive mentoring relationships with CLP peers and adult allies and supporters

(5) engage in intentional personal development and transformation during their time with the CLP “family”
The CLP Internship is a highly engaging experience that requires interns to be leaders, envision projects, implement ideas, build realrelationships and develop ways to sustain their efforts in the community—it requires willingness to try new things, think outside thebox, be committed and take risks.
Applications for 2011-2012 Interns are due by May 15, 2011. Applications can be accessed here.

Volunteering and Supporting CLP

CLP is currently seeking year-around support in the following areas...

- Youth and young adult mentors

- Community Outreach

- Social Media

- Web design

- Finances and Fundraising

To support CLP, we appreciate all assistance with...

- Space for hosting meetings, gatherings or programs

- In-kind donations of supplies and materials for youth leadership retreats, programs or events

- Food donations for events

- Artistic and media skills

- Hosting your own workshops for youth and young adults of CLP on fundraising, mentoring, conflict resolution, alternative organizing, community organizing, sustainable development, etc.

To support CLP, please email give@childleaderproject.org

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